About Live Project Centre

WebBuzz Live Project Centre is currently expanding as one of the top skill development and live project centers in Chennai. We develop skilled engineers to meet the universal IT market needs. WebBuzz's IT development & training solutions, corporate IT training programs and college campus IT training programs focus on enriching the IT expertise in individuals, professionals, and students. This in turn makes them eligible to compete with the current fast growing cutting edge technologies, design methodologies, and the latest IT trends.

WebBuzz provides a great platform and guidance for Individuals, Professionals, College & University students through their effective development & training programs. This program has been designed to have an end-to-end life cycle of technology learning, design, development, delivery and assessment with a high level degree of mentorship. The offerings also include hand-on labs, instructor-led courses (ILT), comprehensive e-reference libraries, technical journals, free seminars and week-end work shops.

WebBuzz's Corporate IT training program acts as a knowledge base and facilitates great IT trainings in various technologies Our real time experienced IT professionals train the employees on the latest technologies with a blend of real time knowledge and implementation strategies. This training brings value for companies by developing cross domain and cross platform expertise among employees.

WebBuzz's College Campus IT training program acts as a gateway for young and dynamic fresh engineers into the IT Universe, by providing the latest happening in the IT world in terms of cutting edge technologies & opportunities. We provide the free seminar for colleges, which happens to be an eye-opening session to the young citizens in terms of visualizing their long term and futuristic goals.

Corporate Support

Today more than ever, corporate success depends on effective and well-executed training programs. Our goal is to train your employees to become more self-sufficient, more productive, and a greater asset to your operations. Customized training helps in better meeting of an organization's skill set requirements, rather than generic training, which does not serve a purpose.

Performance & skill set level  plays a significant role in enabling companies to extract greater ROI on IT investment due to inherent advantages, such as optimization of resources. Training can be customized to blend traditional forms of training with technology-enabled training. This meets the organization's training goals to improve your business performance by leveraging your biggest asset- your human capital.

This not only saves costs but also saves the employee's time, as they only learn skills relevant to their jobs. Our Technical Training is a very unique series of programs that focus on filling the identified needs, thereby allowing students to obtain the necessary skills and knowledge that they must have in order to serve the client. This includes both In-House training as well as Vendor training, depending upon which best fills our needs.

WebBuzz known for its Excellence in Software Education. We arrange workshop and career oriented courses like; Java: Training in Java, Online training in Java , J2EE Certification, J2EE Application Server, J2ME Dictionary, Sun Certification training, Struts Caching, Struts2, Hibernate, Spring Training , EJB Training, EJB Certification,.NET: .NET Training Classes, .NET framework, Asp.NET Training Course, Asp.NET Ajax, C# , MCTS Certification, Embedded: Embedded Systems, Telecom India 2008, Telecom India News, WinCE5.0, Linux Device Driver, Linux Device Driver Development, ARM Training, Brew 2008, Brew Tree, GSM India, GSM Technologies, VC++, VC++ 2008, Mainframes, Cobol, Oracle: Training And Certification, Oracle 9i, Oracle 10g Certification Requirements, Sql Reference, Software Quality Testing: SQT Training, Testing Web Applications, Automaton Training along with Testing Techniques, SOA: Service Oriented Architecture Certification, SOA Certified, SOA Consultancy, etc. NS2 Project Centres in Chennai

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