Training Centre

A Training and Consulting company committed to the cause of organizational excellence through development and delivery of practical training programs & quality business consulting .

Core Excellence

Knowledge is understanding what, how, and why we need to do something. Skill is applying that knowledge in a practical situation. Attitude is desiring to transform our knowledge into skills and ultimately into a habit. Core Excellence programs focus on knowledge transfer, skill acquisition and behavior change.

Leadership Development Time Management Communication Skills Interpersonal Skills Team Building Conflict Resolution Stress Management Goal Setting Decision Making Motivation Quality Management Customer Service  Sales Excellence Retail Excellence Team Effectiveness Corporate Etiquette Winning Attitudes Power Presentations Telephone Skills Problem Solving Skills Organizational Learning Managerial Effectiveness Relationship Mgt.  Performance Mgt. Coaching & Mentoring.

Designing and developing training options which are tailored to meet specific needs of the organization. In depth assessment and analysis of the existing level of performance, and the level of performance which the organization wishes to achieve. We can also assist an organization, doing a "Train the Trainer".

Design and Delivery

Experiential workshops facilitated through lectures, group activities, group discussions, role-play, case studies, games and situation analysis.Programs encourage strong corporate values, promote team spirit, and support a positive work environment


Providing unbiased professional advice, problem solving and cutting edge world class quality training products, systems , solutions and service which meet clients satisfaction. that we as a Company can be proud of.

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