Network Simulator Version 2.0 Projects for Students

A network simulator (NS) is a piece of software or hardware that predicts the behavior of a network, without an actual network being present. A network simulator is a software program that imitates the working of a computer network. Ns2 modules included within are nodes, links, packets, agents, and applications.  NS2 is a widely used tool to simulate the behavior of wired and wireless networks. ns-2 consists of source codes that is not integrated directly to the main distribution. NS2 runs on GNU/Linus, FreeBSD, Solaris, Mac OS X, Windows 95.

In simulators, the computer network is typically modelled with devices, traffic etc. and the performance is analysed. Typically, users can then customize the simulator to fulfill their specific analysis needs. NS provides substantial support for simulation of TCP, routing and multicast protocols over wired and wireless(local and satellite) networks. key components of Ns2 including simulation-related projects, packet-related objects, network objects and other helper objects.

Simulators typically come with support for the most popular protocols in use today, such as WLAN, Wi-Max, UDP, and TCP.

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