Programming Languages & Software Engineering

Programming Languages & Software Engineering

Programming Languages and Software Engineering Research at IBM has a vibrant global community and a long history. We conduct research in almost all subareas in our field, including:

  • Programming Language Design and Implementation.
  • Performance Analysis of Multi-Tier Systems.
  • Modeling and Design Tools.
  • Multi-core, Hybrid, and Cluster Programming.
  • Performance and Optimization Tools.
  • Software Quality via Program Analysis and Verification Security.
  • Software for Embedded Devices.
  • Software Product Lines.
  • Software Development Processes and Methodologies.
  • Unit Testing, Continuous Integration and Deployment.

You can learn about our developer community and some of our live project centers by browsing our websites ,yes we do not operate one location one website we run over 400 online businesses, thats why we call it websites and various organizations.

Projects & Groups

Advanced Compiler Technologies
Artifact Consistency Management for BPM
Center for Software Engineering
Compilers by Higher Order Rewriting of Terms
Dojo: Ensuring Determinism of Concurrent Systems
Dynamic Optimization Group
FoCuS - Test Planning and Coverage Analysis
Human Performance Modeling for Usability Assessment
Jikes RVM
LaBaSec: Language-based Security
Liquid Metal
Mobile Enterprise Software
OO Optimization
Optimistic Algorithms
PERCS Productivity Assessment
Product Lines
QVM: The Quality Virtual Machine
Scalable Program Testing and Verification
Software Development Governance
Software Economies
Stream Computing Platforms, Applications, and Analytics
TACT: Tools for Automated and Cost-effective Testing
The Recycler
Web Quality, Security, and Testing 2011 (WebQUeST)

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